"Wow, interesting, heart moving, thought provoking, motivational, inspirational & life saving... these are just some of the comments from my young learners who have had the privilege to listen to Jamie speaking. This is the 2nd talk we have had at our training centre here in Bridgend, the first talk was done in conjunction with PC Steve Carpenter who was doing a Drug, Alcohol & safety session with my learners. He brought Jamie along to give a "real life experience" talk on violence.. in particular "1 punch can kill" i had never heard of the "1 punch killing" before, but all that was about to change. Jamie delivered his talk with Passion, humility, forthrightness, and emphasis, and to see the pupils engaged the way they were was a miracle (considering some of them can only sit still for 5 mins max) considering how long the talk was, which was broken up into two parts, they were not concerned with the upcoming lunch hour, they wanted to stay and talk to Jamie before he did his 2nd part... and that speaks volumes about what his message is about!
In the talk, Jamie hits upon a number of challenging, testing and hard hitting subjects, none more so than the element of "forgivness" which knocked my pupils for 6!
Every child, youth, teenager, school & educational facility should hear Jamie speak.. it could literally SAVE YOUR LIFE!


​Apr 1st, 2023

I would just like to say thankyou so much for the inspiring talk about your nephew Connor on tuesday. Everything you said had such deep meaning to it, and you nearly had the entire class in tears. When you started talking about Connor i was taken straight away, and became more and more inspired as it went on. You have made me look at life in a completely different way, i know i have to change before it's too late, because all what you said either connected with me, or it was as if you were talking to me
You talking about Connor has inspired me to sign up to be a "organ donor" seeing how he saved lives after his murder. I hope you get what you want in the future from doing this. Thankyou again for showing me the way... AND thankyou to Connor as well.
Karlii-Lee: ACT training pupil

-Jamie's talk encourages young people not to fight, and makes them more aware of the trouble you could get into- Zach Evans: Pupil

-Connors helping hand was an unbelievable talk, it got me thinking about how fragile life can be, and how not to re-act in certain situations. it was very thought provoking- James Briggs: Pupil

Everybody thought you were inspirational & motivational, but "REAL" your stories of real life experiences allowed my class to 'connect' with you, a point i think i must emphasise on is you were believable, which often inspirational/motivational speakers are not (And iv'e seen loads to base my decision on) the pupils said your session was "thought provoking" "easy to follow" & "No Crap" amongst others

You were exactly what this group needed, my biggest recommendation is I WOULD BOOK YOU AGAIN.. AND.. refer you also.
Thanks again.

Donna Britton: Programme leader engage programme
Gower college, swansea

Jamie, today you were amazing, im not even lying... Outstanding talk as well as heart wrenching. I'm so sorry for your loss, i can tell Connor was an amazing boy. Please please keep going with what you are doing, it's so inspiring. I only wish that so many of my friends could of heard you today.. in fact i hope. everyone and anyone gets to hear you speak.
I've become an organ donor now, in honour of Connor. Thanks again
Chloe: Pupil

I thought your presentation was inspiring and very emotional
Rhian: pupil.

-)I have listened to and experienced many speakers that have come into our school, and i can say with out any shadow of a doubt, Jamie was the best we've heard. Everything he says is relavent, has impact & meaning, he inspires the pupils in ways they've never been before, and makes them deeply think about how to 1) Act.. 2)Re-Act.. 3)conduct themselves.. every school needs to hear Jamie's message, as i know it would benefit them in so many ways- Mrs K Jenkins: Teacher

We were extremely fortunate to have Jamie attend and participate in one of our year 11 PSE days. We always ensure that our students are given 'real life experiences' beyond the classroom and believe that jamie's workshop truly embraced that understanding, and provided our students with first hand information regarding the dangers and repercussions of a single punch.
Jamie was extremely approachable and offered an informative and highly professional presentation. The students were thoroughly engaged and captivated by Jamie's excellent delivery, which encouraged them to respond and make relevant contributions to the workshop. We look forward to working with Jamie again.
Rachel Morris: Teacher: Cynffig Comprehensive School