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Talks conducted

The pictures on this page, and the testimonies here as well are from a mixture of "1 punch can kill" "business" & "motivational" talks.

-Jamie's talk about his nephew was unbelievably emotional, and heart breaking. Everyone in my form including myself were so overwhelmed we couldn't speak. it made me realise just how serious this topic is- Emily williams: Pupil
-The talk that Jamie gave was very hard hitting, and made me think of my actions in the future- Ross Hooper: Pupil
-Jamie told his powerful story and it has made me think differently about fighting, and how dangerous it is- Paul Davies: Pupil

ACT training centre
"Connors helping hand" educational 1 punch can kill talk.
Patsy deirden

Neath & Port Talbot college: Addressing 7 groups of students, for 45 mins at a time! Focussing on "character" "Attituide" "effort" "resilience" to name but a few... What's the use of building a goal, dream and your ambition on a foundation made of sand... My talks help you build it out of concrete.

This was my second talk at the ACT training centre... i'm receiving a cheque donation for Connors foundation, raised by the students after hearing Connor's story the first time.

-Jamie has given me more confidence in what i can achieve, and has inspired me to get there- Blake Jackson:Pupil

-You have helped my Confidence grow considerably, and it was something that was severly lacking in me- Douglas Moule: Pupil

-Jamie's talk has shown me what you can achieve not just with a business, but also as a person- Corey Parfitt: Pupil

-Jamie has built my confidence & inspired me by his honest advice, passionate delivery, and motivational speeches- Thomas Owen: Pupil

All the learners were incredibly touched by your talk; all were very engaged from start to finish, and spoke very positively about your message & delivery. All of them agreed that it would be a "benefit to the centre if you came in again in the very near future to talk to future engagement groups. A good number of them saying that they would love to sit in on it again, One point that kept coming up was that the message was 100% real, and it came from the heart. This allowed the learners to truly connect with you: Michael Owen, Engagement tutor, ACT centre, Cardiff

-Jamie's "Connors helping hand" talks had a massive impact on me. The heartbreaking truth was hard to take at first, but understood the message 100% and knew why it needed to be told. This talk could simply save your life and other's as well- Courtney Routliff: Pupil

-Connors helping hand effected me due to it's message, it told us just how serious one punch can be, the emotional impact on the class will help them to think twice before punching another- Dylan Moris: Pupil

-Enjoy isn't a word i would use to describe Jamie's talk, as it was so emotional & heart breaking. it told how life really is, and the pain that be caused to so many people by throwing just one punch. it was an extremely vivid, thought provoking & emotional experience- Lois Accori: Pupil

'Loss.' Written by my friend  Terri.......... 


The pain of loss is constant, almost like a heartbeat. One might consider it a branding within, invisible to the naked eye....Here we speak not of the momentary sense of panic at the thought of 'lost' car keys at 08.55am on a weekday morning, the rising sickness within when confronted with the realisation of a misplaced family heirloom, but of the overwhelming sense of grief that hits like a thunder bolt at the sight of that one empty seat at family gatherings.The one gift that is destined to remain beneath the Christmas tree un-opened, and reduces the physical body to a series of gut wrenching sobs so powerful you feel that the pain seeps freely and without control from your every pore, every fibre of your being an open wound.In an otherwise happy life the soul touched by loss is immediately plunged into a darkness so debilitating it feels, and is indeed considered all consuming.Yet somehow, despite this internal breakdown, the pain you feel inside, you manage to walk the streets without suspicion.The veil of normality that you strive to present to the outside world is successfully accepted, as folk seem to smile, and treat you much as before.The hands of time continue while you remain anchored to the point at which loss first touched. Lonliness, like an old friend, appears to greet you as you descend into the shadows of what was once your life.Silent screams within the sound proof cell that has become your mind are punctured only by sweet memories, past happiness attached to days of old.The strength of your love for that which you feel has been lost shines upon your very existence a light so beautiful it is reminicent of a new dawn breaking, and so you emerge once more....Though love quells not thine yearning for the physical.. oh how you wish you could hold the one you love, have each of your senses ignited by the sound of their laughter.. it does become your driving force.Through eyes unclouded by pain, the true beauty is finally understood, for loss is an experience reserved only for those whom know the magic and wonder of unconditional love.Those who have lost are not unfortunate, but living angels granted a badge of true love and understanding.

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